Site Management

“Patient Centric” Trial site management

Main objective of proper site management by the Sponsor and/or CRO is an essential element of clinical trial execution and in ensuring trial ends with success. And an appropriate level of site management and oversight empowers trial sites to effectively recruit, treat, and retain subjects while ensuring protocol and regulatory compliance, mainly the protection of subjects’ rights, subject safety and wellbeing of screened and enrolled subjects.See More

Site management goes beyond simply monitoring a site, and, rather, focuses on regular, consistent communication with sites during study start-up, maintenance, and closeout. Proper site management during pre-study activities includes proper management of site feasibility review, investigator selection, and site qualifications.

Clinsol enable and provides the solid working relationship with a site, and in collaborating with sites, it ensures proper site management during all phases of a trial. This collaboration leads to increased efficiency and productivity, proper review of subject safety, consistent communication, adherence to regulations, and increased data quality, and promotes an adequate level of oversight during a trial.


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