“CLINConnect” a Site Network

Clinsol network of clinical research sites today are in 25+ sites in 5 states and adding continually.

We are building alliances of clinical trial research sites PAN India. And our partners gain access to our large and efficient network of sites. We offer our partners a convenient solution for expedited site identification and study start-up, and we bring efficiencies by enabling “1CBC” model - “Single Contract, Single Budget and Single point of Contact.

Clinsol mission is to enhance the quality of trials conduct by partnering and provides the cost-effective methods combined with performance driven history while maintaining the highest level of quality of research.

Clinsol host investigators annual meet set expectation and provides industry standards knowledge. Our networked, experienced investigators are another value-added service to the benefit from when partnering with Clinsol.

We partnerships with sponsors and our focus is on the conduct of on time, high-quality Phase I – IV clinical trials of drugs and devices trials.

Principle Investigator Details:

Name of Principle Investigator
Institution Name & Address:
Country State City PIN
Contact Number
MRC Reg No:
E-mail: Preferable time for contact:
Institution Type:
Government Hospital
General Hospital
Trust Hospital
Super Speciality Hospital
Private Hospital
Private Clinic
Your Affiliation with Institute:
Visiting Doctor

Sub Investigator Details:

Name of Sub Investigator:
Institution Name & Address:
Country State City PIN
Contact Number
MRC Reg No:
E-mail: Preferable time for contact:
Number of ongoing clinical trial projects (As an Investigator) and Clinical Research Experience (Till Date)                

S. No Trial Phase Total No. of Trial Participated (Indian & Global) No. of Trial Global/Indian) Therapeutic Indication Role in the Study Status (Ongoing/Completed)

CRC Details:

Is site having Study Coordinator:
If Yes, provide below details:
Is the Study Coordinator working full time at the trial site
Name of Study Coordinator:
Contact Number
Years of Experience:
Number and phase of clinical trial conducted so far                


( Non regulated)
Training obtained

Institution Name:
Country State
City Pin
Institution Type
No of beds
Type of Hospital

Section 1.0 Primary Contact Details
Name Designation
Contact Number E-mail ID:

Section 2.0 List of Interested Doctors/Investigators
Sr. Therapeutic Area Available in Hospital *Name of Doctor/Investigator
1 Oncology    
2 Dermatology    
3 Neurosciences (Psychiatry)    
4 Respiratory    
5 Orthopedic    
6 Gastroenterology    
7 Ophthalmology    
8 Gynecology    
9 General Medicine    
10 Others    
11 Others    
12 Others    

Section 3.0 Site Infrastructure Details
Instrument Available Calibrated Instrument Available Calibrated
Deep Freezer-20°C     Deep Freezer-70°C    
Normal Centrifuge     Cooling Centrifuge    
Refrigerator     ECG    
Weighing Scale     Stature Meter    
Respiratory monitor     Weighing Balance    
BP apparatus   2D ECHO    
CT scan     X-ray    
Height Meter     Pulse Oximeter    
MRI     Endoscopy    
Ultrasound     Hygrometer    

Available Facility at Site
Photocopier   Printer  
Computer/Laptop   Internet  
Cupboard   STD/ISD Facility  
Fireproof Drug Storage Area   Fax Facility  
Separate space for Documentation   Fireproof Storage/ Archival Area  
Facility for Audio Visual Recording   Separate Room for Monitoring  
Power Backup   Site Specific SOP /Process  
Storage Facility   Fire Alarm  
Others   Centralized Ac  

Available Investigation Facility at Site
Facility Status MOU Available
(If External)
Accredited Accreditation (NABL, CAP, ISO)
Pathology Laboratory      
Radiological Investigations      
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)      
Emergency Unit      

Staff Details (If Applicable)
Total No. of CRC Full Time   
Total No. of Study Nurse
Total No. of Study Pharmacist
Total No. of Phlebotomist
Total No. of Psychologist
GCP Trained   Experience       If yes Year

Section 4.0 Department Details
Site Audited by any Regulatory Authority / by Sponsor   Name of Regulatory:
Engagement with any professional SMO  
Bio-Waste Destruction Facility Available  
Patient database maintenance at site  
Medical Record Department  
Satellite Site (Facility)  

Section 5.0 Ethics Committee (EC) Details
Ethics Committee Institutional   Ethics Committee Independent  
Ethics Committee SOP Available   Ethics Committee Registered with CDSCO  
EC Registration Number
Registration Due Date Scientific Committee at your Site  
EC Fees Amount in INR  
EC Fees Cheque to be made in Favor of
Hospital Overhead Charges (If Any)  

Section 6.0 *Interested Doctors/Investigators Details
Name: Qualification:
Therapeutic Area: Designation / Affiliation with Institute:
Contact Number: E-Mail ID:
MRC Reg No:
Experience in Clinical Trial:   Experience in PK/PD:  
Preferable Time to Contact: Associated with any Company /Advisory Committee:  

Previous Trials Experience Details
Sr. No. Disease Drug Name/Device Name Phase Role Completed/Ongoing Regulatory Status


Completed Projects




Networked Principal Investigator


Therapeutic Area